The Lucina Pregnancy Management Solution

Cutting edge analytics to help babies and moms thrive.


Connect to your data to connect to your patients
Firefly, Lucina’s data platform, sheds new light on risks, conditions, and pregnancy complications to understand outcomes and cost, both for patients and the community at large.



Healthy babies start with healthy moms
White labeled mobile solution, our mom-facing mobile app, feeds into the Firefly platform while delivering personalized outreach and education for each patient.

Connecting moms, babies, and the community that cares for them.

The Lucina platform helps moms-to-be–and everyone that cares for her–make critical decisions about her care that can make a difference in the health of the baby.

What do I need to do to make sure my baby is healthy?

Who are the patients that need more attention right now?

How can we control costs while giving the best level of care to our patients?

What can we do to ensure a healthier, stronger community?

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