The Next Generation of Pregnancy Care Management

By aggregating data from multiple sources – with insights on demographic segmentation, conditions, risk markers and outcomes –and using machine learning to understand drivers of adverse outcomes in the local population, the Lucina platform is able to quickly uncover potential risks and complications – delivering actionable insights, streamlining obstetrics care management, and optimizing patient engagement with personalized pregnancy plans.

Firefly aggregates and analyzes individual patient data and population data in real-time, enabling increased opportunities to improve outcomes and lower costs. New insights facilitate standardizing care through comparative analyses across providers and clinical protocols.

Improve early identification and intervention with predictive risk scoring and alerts for patients who need immediate triage

Increase impact with more time for nurses to support high risk patients along with targeted education for all patients

Improve efficiency and allocate resources more effectively

Lucina Discover is a platform that uses groundbreaking obstetrics analytics to supplement and support maternity programs through:

Early Pregnancy Identification: 3000+ pregnancy indicators used to identify moms

Dynamic Risk Stratification: Instant scoring on 7,000+ clinical and social factors to identify and prioritize high-risk pregnancies

Easy Integration: Simple, straight-forward implementation requiring minimal IT resources