Babies & Mothers to Be

Lucina aims to educate and empower all moms with a better understanding of how their healthy choices┬áduring pregnancy can help ensure the health of their baby, helping to mitigate the risks of preterm birth. Lucina’s dynamic risk assessment helps care managers stay up to date on all of their patients’ individual needs, allowing them to better deliver active, personal support for ALL pregnancies.

Care Managers

Firefly is purpose-built to help care managers streamline their workflow, helping them increase productivity, save time on paperwork, and give more time to their patients. Leveraging the data of each patient population, Firefly helps care managers prioritize their time, with targeted outreach and dynamic risk assessment across the continuum of their patients’ pregnancies.

Health Plans & Payers

The Lucina care management system is a great solution for payers looking to ensure best-of-class care for their patients. Data-driven analytics improve accountability and workflow of care managers with analysis and prioritization of care protocols. Additionally, with time, payers will be able to test evidence-based interventions and track success rates of care providers, helping to drive down costs and drive waste out of the system.

The Community

Over time, the aggregated data collected and analyzed by Lucina can be used to adjust care protocols and affect measurable change in preterm birth in our communities, creating not just a healthier society, but significant savings for taxpayers.